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About us



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Product equipment

We continuously improve the quality of service and gradually form a set of high quality. Our service touches every corner of the country, anywhere in the country.Users can get thoughtful and meticulous services

About us

International brand certification

Years of experience in production

High prestige requirements

A series of breakthrough innovations    have been brought
a well deserved global reputation  to our company

Strict product quality testing gives you high quality to ensure high reputation of the company

With many years experience. our production will bring you the best products and services, it will ease you mind

Company profile
FuZhou Light Electronic Technology Co.,Ltd was founded in 2017.It is located in Fuzhou which is also called RongCheng,it is a good place with many famous people,beautiful mountains and rivers .Our company is a modern innovative enterprise which collects product research, the design, the production and the sales in a body. It is committed to the development of laser light source, LED light source and landscape light source, aiming to create a global production base of laser designator and atmosphere,which has strong technical force, professional technical team and service team. To develop new products and keep pace with The Times, the company actively efforts for progress and innovation in science and technology.

Our advantages

Industry-leading technical research

The company is a high - tech enterprise which develops, produces and sells laser devices with laser light source. We have advanced laser technology and professional development team.

It has a complete production line of green laser products from crystal growth, processing, optical processing and coating.It aims to build a better product chain.

Perfect product system

Excellent quality assurance

With a complete and comprehensive quality assurance system to ensure product quality, the products of the company have passed the national quality system certification.

Advanced management philosophy

The company adheres to the professional, efficient and rigorous management philosophy, adhere to the business strategy concept of management science, production high efficiency, product diversification and market international.The quality of survival, the credibility of development.